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Nicolas HUAU

Senior Software Developer

Montreal Canada (Québec)
Consultant Open to opportunities
Enthusiastic software engineer, passionate architect and Microsoft Certified Professional. More than ten years of experience as a software consultant for leading multinational tech companies. Expert in the crafting of customized and disruptive solutions for a wide range of clients. Strong proponent of cloud technologies and agile methodologies. Innovative, driven and detail oriented. Fluent in both English and French.
  • Design and implementation of new backend components in a micro services event-driven cloud architecture.
  • Design and implementation of web-based gadgets displaying energy consumption normalized by degree days.
  • Design of the system architecture supporting the degree days normalization feature.
  • Design and implementation of Azure DevOps pipelines including integration tests and conditional deployments.
  • Project managed using the SAFe Agile methodology, with a multicultural team based across three continents.
  • Technologies: Microsoft Azure, .NET 7, GraphQL, Angular 14, Nx, Html5, CSS4, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Azure DevOps
Company website
  • Integration of a connected room controller to an existing cloud solution for the retail market.
  • Team leader responsible for engineering optimal solutions, providing high quality results, and fulfilling commitments.
  • Design and implementation of the cloud-based solution for monitoring and controlling connected equipments from a mobile application.
  • Participation in the design of the system architecture and system contracts, and writing of the system specifications.
  • Integration of the new components into the docker stack and the CI / CD pipeline.
  • Project managed using the SAFe Agile methodology, with a multicultural team based across three continents.
  • Technologies: Microsoft Azure, .NET 4.5, .NET Core, Asp.Net WebAPI, Swagger, SQL, Angular 11, Ionic 4, Html5, CSS4, Docker, Jenkins, Git, Azure DevOps
Company website
  • .Net Software Architecture
  • Technical consulting
Company Description
Intitek brings together multiple resources and talents whose daily tasks involve pushing back the limits of what is possible and developing digital solutions that will benefit everyone. Those who dare are encouraged to unleash their creativity to serve the most ambitious designs.
Company website
  • Technologies: .Net 4.5, Asp.Net MVC5, WCF, SignalR, WPF, Qlik Sense, MEF, Aspose
  • Software architecture, consulting et technical expertise for .Net projects
Detailed Description
  • Software architecture for fixed-time projects
  • Technical audit of on-going projects
  • Technical expertise on Microsoft technologies
  • Participation to pre-sales
  • Implementation of the new digital strategy (cloud, mobile, API, partners, etc.)
  • Design and implementation of OpenID Connect authentication providers for "B2B", "B2C", and internal applications
  • Design and implementation of "B2B" and "B2C" REST APIs
  • Design and implementation of multiple architectural elements aiming to consolidate the new ecosystem (hubs, services, libraries, etc.).
  • Writing technical specifications, operational documentations and user documentations
  • Technologies: Microsoft Azure, .NET 4.5, Asp.NET (WebAPI et MVC), SignalR, Orchard CMS, Identity Server, Hangfire, Autofac, Swagger, Dapper, Entity Framework, Redis, Oracle, Jenkins, Git, Jira, Trello
Company Description
VINCI Autoroutes designs, builds, finances, and manages 4 443 km of freeways under long-term concessions in France and accommodates more than 2 million clients each day on the network of its four companies : ASF, Cofiroute, Escota, Arcour
  • Dematerialization of business processes, addition of new features to existing applications and improvement to existing software architecture, creation of new applications
  • Technologies: .NET 4.0 & 4.5, ASP.NET (MVC5 & WebForms), WCF, WPF, WinForms, SQL Server, TFS, NuGet, Windows CE
Detailed Description
  • Migration of existing features
  • Writing technical specifications, operational documentations and user documentations
  • Design and realization of WCF web services
  • Introduction of a centralized management for external libraries through the creation of Nuget packages
  • Overhaul of the management of archives: Reorganization of storage locations, redefinition of the business processes, integration of workflows, migration of the database, redesign of user interfaces, design and realization of a mobile application
  • Design and implementation of a N-Tiers Service Oriented Architecture
Company Description
Since its creation, the "Crédit Foncier Communal d'Alsace et de Lorraine" (CFCAL) is a specific and atypical bank whose activity is pioneer in the mortgage market repurchase of debt in France.
  • Design and implementation of an intranet portal for the Purchasing Department.
  • Technologies: SharePoint 2010, Silverlight 5, ASP.NET, Javascript
Detailed Description
  • Development of Silverlight webparts, data import routines and custom forms.
  • Requirements gathering from end users.
Company Description
SALM is the 5th largest European manufacurer of custom furnishings for the home (kitchen, storage, bathroom).
Company website
  • Creation of a collaborative application for agile project management
  • Technologies: ASP MVC 4, Entity Framework, WPF, Microsoft Kinect SDK, WinRT, Windows Phone, C#, Xaml, .NET 4.5, SignalR, Azure
Detailed Description
  • Realization of demonstrations at customer meetings and technical events (Microsoft Techdays Paris)
  • Design of the global architecture.
  • Scrum Master: Project management, team coordination and supervision of junior developer
  • Development of the back office Asp.NET MVC hosted on Microsoft Azure, the WPF / Kinect application and the Windows 8 client.
Company website
  • Design and implementation of a web portal for the management of sourcing for the Purchasing Department
  • Technologies: Silverlight, .NET 4.0, Infragistic, SignalR, Entity Framework, MySql, Async CTP
Detailed Description
  • Integration of SignalR
  • Realization of reporting elements (KPI, data consolidation, etc.).
  • Design and implementation of an application monitoring patients during physical therapy
  • Technologies: .NET 4.0, WPF, Microsoft Kinect SDK, XNA
Detailed Description
  • Use of the Kinect to animate avatars linked to the patient
Company website
  • Design and development of professional applications incorporating Natural User Interfaces
  • Technologies: .NET 4.0, WPF, Kinect SDK, Prism, MEF, Entity Framework
Detailed Description
  • Design and development of a collaborative application incorporating Natural User Interfaces
  • Agile project management (SCRUM)
Company website
Company website
  • Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Detailed Description
  • Functional analysis
  • Management of team of 4 developers
  • Design of the global architecture
  • Realisation of the development and the tests
  • Writing specifications and
    technical specifications
  • Design and development of software to simulate the operation of a calculator stack
  • Realisation in .Net and Delphi
  • Technologies: .Net 3.5, C#, Winform, Delphi
  • Design and development of a software solution for automating the processing of resultant images of CT test scans performed in accordance with French quality control legislation.
Detailed Description
  • Technologies: Matlab R2009a
  • Setting up the solution
  • Knowledge transfer to technical users
  • Redaction of acquisition and image analysis protocols
Company Description
ALARA Solutions is a services company in medical physics and radiation protection.
  • Project in tandem with a medical student.
  • Development of a software solution for a medical problem.
  • Optical Imaging: the Transillumination
  • Analysis of the data from an Eye-Tracking Software
  • Use of th Principal Component Analyses method
  • Courses and homework assistance in math, physical and chemistry